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Office Hours:  9 am – 5 pm M-F
Telephone:  303-830-1800
Mailing Address:  PO Box 93 Black Hawk,  CO 80422

If you have questions, comments or a news tip, contact the publisher at 720-313-9741, or send email to admin@wrcnews.net


$52 per year within the United States. Seniors rate is $45 per year within the US. Veterans rate is $45 per year within the US.

Letters & Columns

If you have a letter to the editor, send via email to admin@wrcne.ws, include all contact information or mail a disk or hard copy to the Weekly Register-Call office in Black Hawk PO Box 93, Black Hawk, CO 80422. The Weekly Register-Call does not guarantee publication, does not pay for submissions, and reserves the right to edit submissions for length and content. Letters should be 200 words or less and of local content. Anonymous letters will not be published.


The Weekly Register-Call strives to be accurate and fair in its reporting and corrects all errors of fact. If you have a question or comment about content or news coverage, please contact the editor at admin@wrcne.ws.


To advertise in the Weekly Register-Call, please send email to admin@wrcne.ws. Deadline is close of business Monday of each week.


Ads can be invoiced and payment made by check.

Classified ad rates

Personal ads – First five lines are FREE!
Business and Help Wanted line ads are charged at $2 per classified column line in 10 point type, with a four line minimum.
Legal and Public Notices – rates based on private or public notice required, and number of weeks.

Display ad rates

Display ad rates are charged at $10 per standard b/w column inch tall times the number of columns across; $15 for full-color.
Display ad basic layout services – FREE !

1-time Display Ad Rates (25% off for monthly ad placement, 50% off for annual ad placement)
Category                                Size                          B & W Rate         4 – Color Rate

business card ad       2-columns x 2″ tall                $40                      $60
1/8 page ad              2-columns x 5″ tall                $100                    $150
1/4 page ad              3-columns x 6″ tall                $180                    $270
1/2 page ad              5-columns x 7″ tall                $300                    $450
full page ad              5-columns x 12.5″ tall           $450                     $650

Inserts $150 per weekly issue.

Website ad rates
Call for rates.

The Weekly Register-Call is an independent newspaper. No part can be reproduced in any form without written consent of the Publisher.
Articles, ads, and photographs must be submitted electronically.
The Weekly Register-Call is published every Thursday by
Robert Sweeney, at PO Box 93, Black Hawk, Colorado 80422.
Periodicals mailed at Black Hawk, CO.
USPS Periodical Permit 0278-5838  © 2021 Robert Sweeney

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