Black Hawk ballot issues

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November 5 Election Results

The following ballot questions were on the ballot.

BALLOT ISSUE #1. Shall the City of Black Hawk taxes be increased by up to $2,600,000 annually in the first full fiscal year (2014), and by whatever additional amounts are raised annually thereafter by increasing the rate of the Device Tax levied by the City by up to $300 per device (which tax rate may fluctuate from time to time as determined by the Council so long as it does not exceed $300) to be used for any lawful purpose of the City including, but not limited to, funding Capital Improvement Projects, Economic Development Projects, Debt Service and Core City services?

RESULTS: Yes = 33 votes, No = 1 vote

BALLOT ISSUE #2. Shall the City of Black Hawk debt be increased up to $22,000,000, with a maximum repayment cost of not to exceed $50,000,000, with the proceeds of such debt to be used for the purpose of financing all or any part of the costs acquiring, construction, or installing the following:

  • Water Rights Acquisition;
  • A Water Treatment Plant;
  • Recreational Facilities on and adjacent to Maryland Mountain; and
  • Street and related infrastructure improvements on Gregory Street;

And shall such debt be paid from all or any portion of the City’s Device Tax revenues (as determined by City Council) and be sold in one series or more at a price above, below or equal to the principal amount of such debt and on such terms and conditions as the City may determine, including provisions for redemption of the debt prior to maturity with or without payment of premium; and shall the City be authorized to issue debt to refund the debt authorized in this question, provided that after the issuance of such refunding debt the total outstanding principal amount of all debt issued pursuant to this question does not exceed the maximum principal amount set forth above, and provided further that all debt issued by the City pursuant to this question is issued on terms that do not exceed the repayment costs authorized in this question?

RESULTS: Yes = 32 votes, No = 3 votes

BALLOT ISSUE #3. Shall the incumbent members of the City Council of the City of Black Hawk, Colorado, which include the current Mayor and members of the Board of Aldermen, be entitled to participate in the City of Black Hawk Retirement Program benefits including the City’s 401a and 457 Programs in the same manner as afforded to full time employees of the City of Black Hawk, or shall they in the alternative be entitle to receive the cash equivalent of such benefit which cash equivalent shall not exceed the highest percentage which Council compensation upon which the percentage is based consists of a stipend and the value of the health insurance benefit provided to such incumbent members of the City Council?

RESULTS: Yes = 33 votes, No = 2 votes

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