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Gilpin Commissioners deal with full agenda

By Randy Beaudette

The Gilpin County Board of Commissioners Gail Watson, Linda Isenhart, and Ron Engels faced off with a full and varied agenda for the regular Commissioners meeting that took place on Tuesday September 26, 2017 at the Gilpin County Courthouse. To assist with the tasks at hand were County Attorney Jim Petrock, later to be replaced by Brad Benning, County Manager Leslie Klusmire, and Deputy Clerk to the Board Sharon Cate.

Agenda Review

Two items were added to agenda, the Resolutions #17-21 and 17-22, both to be discussed later.

Clerk & Recorder’s Report

Gilpin County Clerk & Recorder Coleen Stewart presented the Clerk & Recorders Report representing the month of August 2017. The report highlighted income revenue of a little more than $230,000, with all funds being dispersed to the various State and County agencies to achieve a zero balance total.

Treasurer’s Report

Gilpin County Treasurer Alynn Huffman presented the Treasurer’s Report for the month of August 2017. One item that stood out was that the percentage of taxes collected is down in 2017. So far this year, only 98.96% of the taxes have been collected, which is down from last year’s 99.36%This shortfall in percentages does not have an effect on the $20.5 million dollar County Funds grand total for this year in comparison to last year’s $19 million dollars.

Memorandum of Understanding

Human services Director Betty Donavan presented a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which will allow Gilpin County to utilize the State Adult/ Child Abuse Hotline. For a little background, a centralized Child Welfare Hotline was established in 2015 for 64 counties in Colorado. It was questionable if the call center could handle all the cases in a timely manner. As time went on, the Hotline was proven inadequate. Colorado soon established the Hotline County Connection Center (HCCC) to replace the old system. The HCCC has a full-time staff that will be able to handle Gilpin County’s call for child welfare and adult protection. The estimated cost in 2018 should be under $200 per year for the child welfare system. The Adult Protection System will be on a per call charge due to the low volume. The implementation of the HCCC system will free up Human Services personnel to assist in other duties rather than answering initial calls for abuse and neglect cases. Gilpin Commissioners approved the MOU.

Boundary Line Elimination

Gilpin County Planner Danial Horn presented Boundary Line Elimination (BLE #17-07) on behalf of applicant John Combs. The BLE will combine lots 8 and 9 in the Snow Line Estates subdivision to form Lot 8A. The Gilpin Commissioners approved BLE # 17-07.

Subdivision Exemption

Gilpin County Planner Danial Horn also presented Subdivision Elimination (SBE) # 16-02 on behalf of applicants Robert Sayre and Bonnie Sayre Moody. Each applicant owns 35 acre parcels at the Los Logos Ranch, which is a family-owned homestead located in north Gilpin County. The 70 acre parcel will be divided into four 17.5 acre parcels. The Gilpin County Commissioners approved SBE# 16-02.

Liquor Licensing Board

Madam Chair Watson adjourned the Regular Commissioners to open up the Local Liquor Licensing Authority at 9:30 am. Deputy Clerk Sharon Cate presented Retail Liquor License Renewal Application on behalf of Heather Hatwan, lease holder at The Stage Stop in Rollinsville. Ms. Cate informed the Commissioners that there are no current issues that would hinder the approval of License; however there was a violation in the past that was a misunderstanding on the applicant’s part. The minor violation was noted, fines were paid, and Ms. Hatwan assured Cate that this will never occur in the future. The Commissioners unanimously approved the Liquor License for the Stage Stop. Watson closed the Local Liquor Licensing Authority at 9:35 am and resumed the Commissioners regular meeting.

County Attorney Report

  Jim Petrock advised the Commissioners that he must be excused 11:00 am because he has been subpoenaed to testify as a witness in a criminal case. Petrock explains that all witnesses have been sequestered and must refrain from discussing the case. Mr. Petrock then moved on to item number two that involved acquisition of the historic cabins on Red Tail Road. He explained that these cabins have some typical Gilpin County legal issues that need to be resolved before the County can move forward with the purchase. He requested to add an item that pertains to the cabins to the upcoming October 5 meeting executive session. Attorney Brad Benning filled in after Petrock left the meeting.

County Manager Report

Gilpin County Manager Leslie Klusmire reported that she and Commissioner Engels went to DOLA Revenue Gaming Grant Impact hearings recently. Ms. Klusmire noted that the meeting went well. She stated that it was interesting to note that there was not as much dialogue between the Board and the applicants as there was at the Impact hearings. Everything that Gilpin County asked for was funded. This grant will provide additional revenue to the existing gaming revenue to repair or upgrade infrastructure that has been impacted by the Gaming industry in Gilpin County.

Klusmire submitted a request to the Gilpin County Commissioners to increase the salary grade of the Community Development Director to align to the 2018 pay plan that is yet to be approved. Approval of this increase will assist in recruiting and retaining qualified experienced candidates. The Board approved the request and the new salary increase will be posted upon approval of the 2018 Pay Plan.

Ms. Klusmire also advised the Board that there are some very large capital improvement projects that are very important and are not on the County’s radar screen. These include the hot water recirculating system in the Justice Center that is in need of replacement. Water leaks are appearing and these are indicators that the system will soon fail. If that happens, the building will have to be vacated. It is better to replace the system now rather than experience what will happen in the near future. These issues have to be included in the upcoming budget so they will not be a bigger budget issue later.

Gilpin County Commissioners approved the 2018 Holiday Schedule which included the usual holidays along with adding the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve as holidays.

Board of Commissioners Report

Notice of public meetings: The Gilpin County Board of Commissioners will hold a Special Meeting on October 5, 2017. An executive session will follow.

Gilpin County has an opportunity to purchase a small parcel of land that will allow National Forest Public Access in Rollinsville. A donor who wishes to remain anonymous has come forward to assist the County with this purchase. The Commissioners voted to move forward with this purchase after seeking legal advice from the County Attorney.

Shooting issues in Corona Heights has drawn the attention of the commissioners. Residents in the area have reached out to Commissioners Watson and Engels for answers on how to stop the shooting activity in that area, They inquired on how Sugarloaf residents restrict shooting in that area. Sheriff Bruce Hartman added that shooting cannot be restricted on private property. Shooting on public property can be controlled, but on private property it cannot. The Commissioners also explained to the residents that there is really nothing that can be done to forbid this activity.

CDOT has sent a letter to all stakeholders along the I-70 Corridor that they would like to initiate a bridge repair project on the span over Clear Creek at the Highway 6/ Hwy 40 and I-70 intersection. This project will be conducted in 2018. CDOT inquired whether a Project Leadership Team (PLT) should be formed for this project. If so, members of the PLT must be assigned as soon as possible. CDOT also requested information an additional communities that might be impacted by this project.

The passing of Resolution #17-22 assigned Gilpin County Planner Danial Horn as the Chief Building Official which is required to oversee all the functions of the Building Inspector. The current independent contractor conducting building inspections for the County is Guy Ferguson who was retained by the former Chief Building Official, Tony Petersen who retired early September.

The Commissioners also passed Resolution# 17-22 supporting the grant application to the Great Outdoors Colorado Trust Fund. If selected, the grant will be applied to improvements of Gilpin County School District’s Track and Sports Field project.

Human Resources

A request was made by Human Resources Manager Suzie Allen to align the salary of the newly hired Assistant Parks and Recreation Director to the 2018 Pay Plan. The County Commissioners denied the request. The Board did approve the 2018 Pay Plan along with the renewal of the County’s employee Health and Dental Insurance policy which was also submitted by Allen.

Approval of Minutes

The Gilpin County Commissioners approved the minutes from the September 12, 2017 meeting with some minor changes in the grammar.

Upcoming Meetings

The next Gilpin County Commissioners special meeting will be October 5, at 9:00 am at the Historic Gilpin County Courthouse at 203 Eureka St. Central City, Colorado

The next Gilpin County Commissioners regular meeting will be October 17, at 9:00 am also at the Gilpin County Courthouse at 203 Eureka St. Central City, Colorado.

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