Comic Con

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At the Denver Convention Center

by Dave Gibson

For the last six years in Colorado, Halloween comes twice; once on October 31st and again during Denver’s Comic Con at the end of June.

Of the hundred thousand or so guests that attended, many were in costume – or in Comic Con-speak, cosplay (costume play). The characters seen covered the comic book, movie, television, and video gaming worlds while some just made up their own superhero. Characters from Star Wars, DC Comics, Marvel’s Avengers and X-Men, Dr. Who, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Warner Bros., Disney, Lord of the Rings, and Pokémon mingled about the convention center floors. Weird Al Yankovic answered questions about satire and the music industry. He was also available for autographs and pictures. Comic panel seminars were held in rooms where artists, animators, and authors gave lectures and provided insight about their art and writing. From provocative to bizarre, artists’ works were readily available for purchase.

The Denver Comic Con supports the Denver-based nonprofit Pop Culture Classroom that ignites a love of learning, increases literacy, celebrates diversity, and builds community through the tools of popular culture and the power of expression.

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