Elementary Spring Arts Celebration

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Gilpin County Schools

By Sunny Vincent

The Gilpin County Elementary Spring Arts Celebration was a huge success this year, with standing room only for the audience. Gary Haarbye and Curt Halsted showed off the amazing talents of the elementary students with their art work displayed around the atrium, the beautiful voices of the students and their talented instrument playing.

The program began this year with a tradition started three years ago when this class was in 2nd grade, now in 4th grade – the class led the Pledge of Allegiance and singing of the “National Anthem,” followed by a moment of silence to honor the Veteran’s who have served our country. Then Ms. Sepanik’s 4th grade class sang “I’m a Believer” words and music by Neil Diamond. The program continued with the littlest ones from Gilpin with Ms. Katie’s Montessori Pre-Kindergarten singing six verses of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” a French Traditional Melody/words by Jane Taylor. Ms. Anne and Ms. Dianne’s Montessori Pre-Kindergarten sang “Wake up the Sun” words by John Jacobson and music by Emily Crocker. Then Ms. Haley’s Kindergarten kept the crowd “ooing and awing” with “It’s a Small World” words and music by Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman.

Progressing up through the grades, the 1st Grade was next, and this year there are two first grade classes and they came together to sing. Ms. Campbell and Ms. Deguelle’s 1st Grade combined classes sang a lively rendition of “There’s a hole in the Bucket” an American Dialogue Song with the traditional German Melody. The girls and boys bounced the verses back and forth and were dressed in cowboy and cowgirl gear.

Then Ms. Turkaly’s Montessori 1st and 2nd class came on stage to sing “Eating Lizards” words and music by Carol Huffman. Ms. Parkhurst’s 2nd Grade sang a beautiful rendition of “The Rainbow Connection” words and music by Paul Williams and Kenny Ascher.

The next song was by the 3rd Grade, the students and Ms. Bayne, the 3rd grade teacher, all came out with handmade Native American drums that the students made with Mr. Halsted during art class. With their musical instruments they sang “Rain Dance” words and music by Berta and Sonja Poorman.

Ms. Bredehoeft’s Montessori grades 3rd through 5th came on next and sang two songs, first “Octopus’ Garden” words and music by Richard Starkey, and then “Yellow Submarine” words and music by John Lennon and Sir Paul McCartney.

After their songs there was a quick intermission while the 5th grade band set up for their performance. Mr. Haarbye started by giving special thanks to Ms. Hill for her work with the string section and her dedication and devotion to our music program. Ms. Hill plays for the Denver Symphony Orchestra and came up to our school twice a week to work with the string instrument players in the 5th grade band. The band played four pieces including: “Mississippi Mud” an American Traditional, “Frere Jacques” a French Traditional, “Ode to Joy” by Ludwig Von Beethoven, and “Hard Rock Blues” by John Higgins. Once the band finished Mr. Raynes’ entire 5th Grade class came on stage to end the show with two songs. They started with “Shooting Star” words and music by Andy Beck and ended with “We are the Champions” words and music by Freddie Mercury. Mr. Haarbye ended with a reminder, “Always celebrate your children, they are fantastic.”

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