Fall mountain magic

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FallSplashbyRobert Gray

New art exhibit in Central City preserves fall colors into November

By David Josselyn

Fall Mountain Magic, a new exhibit, is showing in the Visitor’s Center Gallery in Central City. Featuring the works of Greg Chapleski, Robert Gray, Shari Lebsack, and Marjorie Scarpino, the exhibit of water media and jewelry will be on display through November 17. Inspired by autumn in the Rockies, the works of art present scenes and colors of the season focusing on the yellow, orange, red, and brown palette of nature.

Shari Lebsack has dabbled in acrylics, but craving liquidity, her true love is watercolor. Lebsack is self-taught, but she is willing to try new methods and continually takes classes in water media. “You never know what you might learn.”

Greg Chapleski is the president of the Colorado Watercolor Society which “may be the largest west of the Mississippi,” said Greg. Chapleski worked for many years drawing storyboards for television commercials, but he really enjoys being able to express his true self in his own works. Greg’s favorite subjects are aspen trees and steam engines. Several of his works have been regularly shown in the Washington Hall Gallery.

The works presented in the Fall Mountain Magic exhibit range from emphasis on technique to emphasis on detail and can be mesmerizing as you gaze upon them in the late afternoon sun. The gallery’s location provides the perfect atmosphere to admire the beauty and creativity of the artists’ creations and it is well worth visiting. The glory of the local aspen may have diminished, but Fall Mountain Magic retains that glory beyond the season. The gallery is open seven days a week, so next time you’re in Central City, consider stopping by and remember the colors of the fall.

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