Gilpin considers paving Jankowski Drive

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Commissioners approve 911 support agreement

By Patty Unruh

The Gilpin County Board of County Commissioners met on Tuesday, November 4 at the Gilpin County Courthouse. Commissioner and Board Chair Gail Watson, Commissioner Buddy Schmalz, and Commissioner Connie McLain were in attendance, along with County Manager Roger Baker and County Attorney Brad Benning.

Communications Specialist Position

A request was made and approved to fill a position for full-time communications specialist. The requested hours were 40 per week at a salary range of $18.40 – $26.69 per hour, or $38,300 – $55,500 annually.

911 Support Agreement

The Commissioners approved an “Inform 911 Support Agreement” with TriTech Software Systems. Sgt. Steven Watson, Communications Supervisor with the Gilpin County Sheriff’s Office, presented the agreement, which is for annual maintenance services and support for the 911 system the County has purchased from TriTech. The maintenance and support fee is $10,998 for the prorated term of May 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014.

Watson said that to save some money, an effort had been made to go to an arrangement where only time and materials were paid for by the County. However, TriTech no longer offered that option, so the County had to renew the contract as submitted at the $10,998 cost.

Following the prorated period, the agreement is to automatically renew for additional one-year terms unless otherwise ended by either party.

Transfer Station Attendant Position

A request was made and approved to fill a position for full-time transfer station attendant. The requested hours were 40 per week at a salary range of $16.01 – $23.22 per hour or $33,300 – $48,300 annually.

Road Improvement at Gilpin Car Wash

The Commissioners approved, with certain conditions, a “Road Improvement Agreement” between Gilpin County and Gilpin Car Wash, LLC presented to them by Bill Paulman, Public Works Director. It concerned potentially paving Jankowski Drive with recycled asphalt.

The approval was conditional on Paulman speaking with the other commercial users on Jankowski Drive; the work will move forward only if no negative feedback is received. Additionally, Paulman must give the Commissioners a close estimate of the cost of the project versus the cost of doing regular maintenance and must keep track of the maintenance costs going forward.

Paulman said he had been approached by Larry Krug of Gilpin Car Wash, who asked whether the County would be interested in repaving Jankowski Drive with recycled asphalt, if Krug would share the cost of upgrading the road. Jankowski Drive is currently unpaved and provides access to other commercial and industrial businesses.

Paulman told Krug the County would be interested, but it would not be practical to have the road paved only in front of the car wash. Krug was willing to pay for the whole portion between Taggart’s and the County Transfer Station.

According to the proposed agreement, Gilpin Car Wash would deposit with the County the sum of $6,400 for the purchase of recycled asphalt in the estimated quantity of 1,000 tons at $6.40 per ton. The County would provide all labor and equipment, obtain and transport the recycled asphalt to the site, apply it to a depth of 6 to 8 inches, and compact it and coat it with mag chloride. The County would seasonally maintain the paved area. Depending on the weather, the work would take about five days and be completed in early November.

Paulman noted that with the weather being warm, the County had a brief window of opportunity to do the project. The County had recently completed maintenance on the road, so it was ready to have asphalt laid.

Watson was concerned about using taxpayer money to benefit commercial entities, but decided that the project could be a turning point to paving more roads in Gilpin.

Special Use Review of Frei Quarry

The Commissioners approved an amendment to special use permit SUR 06-03 regarding Albert Frei & Sons, Inc. (AFSI).

In 2006, AFSI received the SUR to deposit crushed rock waste originating from its mine in Clear Creek County on 53 acres in Gilpin County. A blowout occurred at the fill area as a result of flooding in September 2013, breaching the containment system and washing tons of material into North Clear Creek. AFSI agreed to remove the blowout material from the creek and to redesign its storm water management system to prevent future such occurrences. The goal was to improve water quality.

AFSI has proposed covering the entire 53 acres with riprap; this plan deviates from the approved special use permit, which calls for a vegetative cover over the 53 acres.

It was decided that a combination of riprap on sloping areas and vegetation on flat areas would work; however, AFSI will first check with the Clear Creek Watershed Association for input before proceeding.

Eye of the Heart Wildlife Refuge

The Commissioners approved Resolution SUR 14-02 allowing the operation of Eye of the Heart Wildlife Refuge on Tract A of the Lump Gulch Placer, on the following conditions: the refuge may operate for one year only, then the Commissioners will evaluate the impacts on wildlife and the neighbors; the special use review permit will not go into effect until a wildlife impact report has been prepared by a qualified Colorado wildlife expert finding no significant impact; public access will be allowed from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. June 30 – October 31 unless a wildlife impact report finds no impact from a May 1 opening, with no winter hours permitted; an education program is restricted to the same public operating hours, not to exceed 25 students per month.

The hearing on the wildlife refuge had been continued from September 23. At that time, additional information had been sought and was now satisfied regarding Army Corps of Engineer permits, water rights, and dam construction permits.

Public Health Improvement Plan

  Commissioners adjourned and reconvened as the Board of Health, which approved a “Public Health Improvement Plan Implementation Grant” presented by Bonnie Albrecht, Public Health Coordinator. The total award includes $10,000 in funding.

The purpose of the contract is for the Gilpin County Public Health Agency to participate in a local public health improvement process as required by Colorado’s Public Health Act of 2008. The plan is a three-year process to help make measurable health improvements in Gilpin County. After examining data that has been gathered about Gilpin’s health system, several areas were identified that will be addressed: mental health, chronic disease prevention, nutrition, obesity, and exercise.

Albrecht presented goals and strategies for improving those priority areas.

County Manager Status Report

The Board of Health adjourned and reconvened as Board of County Commissioners. Baker said the only area to note on the monthly report summary was that year-to-date revenues were only at about 70 percent of what had been budgeted, as of September.

Public Comment

Bruce Breslau, a Gilpin resident, expressed concern that there was no longer a polling place in Rollinsville. He said, “As a democracy, we need to encourage people to vote however they can.”

Watson replied that when mail-in ballots began to be used, several polling places were removed statewide, and she didn’t believe the one in Rollinsville would be reinstated.

Executive Session

The Commissioners went into executive session at that point.

Next Meeting

  The next scheduled meeting for the Gilpin Commissioners is on November 25 at 9 a.m. on the 2nd floor of the Gilpin County Courthouse, 203 Eureka Street, Central City, Colorado.

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