Gilpin County Manager relieved of responsibility

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On Paid Administrative Leave

PRESS RELEASE – The Board of County Commissioners placed County Manager Leslie Klusmire on paid administrative leave on April 11, 2018 and relieved her of any further responsibility for County management, effective on that date. After much deliberation, the Board agreed that Ms. Klusmire’s management style was inconsistent with its goals, and it would benefit Gilpin County, its employees, and Ms. Klusmire to relieve her of her responsibilities. The Board and Ms. Klusmire are moving forward with concluding her employment with Gilpin County and are in discussions regarding doing so.

During this transition, all communications and matters normally directed to the County Manager should be directed to the Board of County Commissioners. In the short-term, each Commissioner will work closely with department directors to make sure both day-to-day operations as well as critical work that was identified in the Board’s work prioritization meetings can carry forward with as little interruption as possible. The Board will also reach out to elected officials to work closely with them and their offices to assure the continued success of their offices. Thank you.

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