Gilpin grads net over $220,000 in scholarship awards

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Youth get community support for higher education

By Patty Unruh

Gilpin County High School seniors were awarded $220,050 in scholarships to help them further their education. The students were notified of the awards at a ceremony May 15 at the school auditorium.

Secondary principal Alexis Donaldson welcomed the seniors, their families, and scholarship presenters by saying that the awards ceremony was a fun way to start the week’s graduation festivities. “Our community does an incredible job of supporting our graduates every year,” she said, extending thanks to the individuals and organizations that provide the scholarship funds.

Addressing the seniors, she said that all of their hard work is finally paying off, and that the evening was about the support they would receive for their education. She led the young men and women in applause for their parents and the scholarship providers and also recognized the Booster Club for all the hard work their members have done. School counselor Kirsten Goodlett also received Donaldson’s thanks for making sure that the teens turned in their applications on time.

Scholarship presenters included Cary Ihme for the Elks Club, Sheriff Bruce Hartman, a United Power representative, Shirley Voorhies of the Ladies’ Elks, Barbara Thielemann for the Rotary Club, Thielemann and Kellie Bayne for the Gilpin Foundation, Suzanne Paulman, and Mike Katich for the Masons.

Eleven seniors were present at the awards ceremony; however, fourteen students received the following awards:

Morton Barsky – City of Black Hawk, $6,000. Morton will attend Red Rocks Community College.

Logan Boenig – City of Black Hawk, $6,000. Logan will attend the Colorado Film School.

Cameryn Cullar – City of Black Hawk, $6,000. Cameryn will attend Arapahoe Community College to study nursing.

Trevor Dziedzic – City of Black Hawk, $6,000. Trevor will attend Metro State University.

Maria Garcia – City of Black Hawk, $6,000; Central City Promise $15,000; Central City Masonic Lodge $1,000; Ladies’ Elks $500, for a total of $22,500. Maria will attend Metro State University.

Martin Jenkins – City of Black Hawk, $6,000. Martin will attend Red Rocks Community College.

Kenneth Larson – City of Black Hawk, $6,000; Masonic Lodge, $250; United Power $1,000; Colorado School of Mines $28,000; Gilpin Foundation $500; Central City Elks $1,000, National Elks Most Valuable Student $4,000; Booster Best All Around $500, for a total of $41,250. Kenneth will attend the Colorado School of Mines.

Bayley Maltas – City of Black Hawk $6,000; Central City Masons $500; CU Regent $1,000; Alan Green Memorial $1,000; Colorado Elks $1,000; County Sheriff’s $500; PTA $500; Booster-Academic $500, for a total of $11,000. Bayley will attend the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Samantha Peterson – City of Black Hawk $6,000; Central City Mason’s $1,000, for a total of $7,000. Samantha will attend Red Rocks Community College.

Katura Sales – City of Black Hawk $6,000; Black Hawk Masonic Lodge – $250; Missouri Valley BB $40,000; Central City Elks $1,500; Ihme Service Excellence $250; Ladies’ Elks $300; Gilpin Foundation $500; Ben Slinger Memorial $1,000; Paulman Family $1,000; PTA $500; Booster-Arts $500, for a total of $51,800. Katura will attend Missouri Valley College.

Brandon Santos – City of Black Hawk $6,000. Brandon will attend Red Rocks Community College.

Tyrus Schmalz – City of Black Hawk $6,000; Central City Promise $20,000; CSU Green and Gold $8,000; Black Hawk Mason’s $1,500; Ralph Calabrese $500; Central City Elks $500; PTA $500, for a total of $37,000. Tyrus will attend Colorado State University.

Faith Trombley – City of Black Hawk $6,000. Faith will attend Siena Heights University.

Michael Yerkman – City of Black Hawk $6,000; Alan Green Memorial $1,000; Booster-Athletic $500, for a total of $7,500. Michael will attend The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Tempe, Arizona to study audio engineering.

The students also received certificates from Gilpin teachers for various accomplishments, such as student council representatives, achievements in academics, and commitments to athletics.

Goodlett expressed her pleasure in seeing the young people graduate, but said it was “bittersweet” to see them go. Brook Ramsey had a parting gift for each student of a yard sign saying “Proud Home of GCHS Graduate” that could be used to direct guests to those after-graduation parties.

Congratulations to the Class of 2013!

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