Gilpin homecoming parade kicks off a big day

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Parade floats successfully dodge road construction

By Patty Unruh

Gilpin County School celebrated homecoming with a joyous parade on Saturday morning, October 19. The weather cooperated beautifully, and the parade participants skillfully negotiated road construction on their route from the Teller House parking lot through Central City, then down Gregory Street through Black Hawk. The parade ended at the Bullwhackers parking lot.

The Teller House lot was a hub of frantic activity for the hour before the parade, as students, parents, and teachers worked to put together parade floats and gather homecoming royalty for their convertible rides.

Watchers along the parade route observed the line-up, beginning with a police escort; Central City escorted halfway, then Black Hawk picked up the escort at the Red Dolly.

Middle school students followed, with eighth graders moving cones in the construction area and other students carrying banners.

The school board and superintendent followed in a float proclaiming “Vote Yes on 3A.”

The Girl Scouts were next, waving paper fireworks and showing off a “Save the World” theme.

Several local emergency responders traveled behind them: Central City fire trucks, Black Hawk fire trucks, Timberline fire trucks, and the Gilpin Ambulance Authority.

The creative floats were next, each sporting a theme from a video game. The freshman float was “Legend of Zelda,” while the sophomores’ was “Donkey Kong.” The juniors rode in “Pac Man,” and the seniors were last, but not least, in “Mario.”

Homecoming royalty followed the floats in convertibles.

Students tossed candy to spectators, as is customary, but in a break with tradition, participants in the Donkey Kong float also threw bananas.

A Gilpin County Sheriff’s vehicle concluded the parade.

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