Historical status sought for City Hall as local landmark  

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The Mayor and Board of Aldermen recognized Richard Smith at the Council meeting in recognition and in appreciation of his service to the City of Black Hawk. Richard served on the Historic Preservation Commission as Chairman from August 3, 2010 to December 2, 2014 and as Commissioner from June 24, 2008 to August 3, 2010.
Richard Smith recognized for service to the City of Black Hawk on the Historic Preservation Commission as Chairman and as Commissioner.

Black Hawk City Council Meeting

By Matthew Carter

The Black Hawk City Council met in the Council Chambers for their regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, February 11th, 2015. In attendance were Mayor David Spellman, Aldermen Linda Armbright, Paul Bennett, Jim Johnson, Greg Moates and City Manager Jack Lewis.

Marijuana Licensing

  The Council voted to approve to modify the City’s licensing requirements regarding medical marijuana. The modifications would allow the city to enforce the specific licensing requirements that the state of Colorado have adopted. Taking this step will allow the city to have a better understanding in how to proceed within this growing industry.

Medical Equipment Expense

  The Council approved the Black Hawk Fire Department’s participation in a multi-agency grant with the Timberline Fire District and Central. The grant that was approved will through all parties involved purchase an updated breathing apparatus that will allow oxygen tanks to be exchanged while the apparatus is in use. There will be no additional cost for the obtainment of this apparatus as it falls within the previously approved annual budget of the Black Hawk Fire Department.

Renewal of City Agreements

  The Council voted to approve a renewal of the current contract with 5280 Strategies, LLC. 5280 Strategies has served as the City of Black Hawk’s lobbyist. The renewed contract covers a personal services agreement over the next year terminating on December 31st, 2015.

The Council approved the renewal of contracts with various entities regarding services that are provided to the City. These services include trash collection, traffic maintenance, geotechnical surveys, drainage and transit.

Temporary Construction Easements

  The Council approved the final temporary construction easements for the current historical rehabilitation plan. The properties affected are 301 High Street and 401 Chase Street. These easements will help to facilitate the City performing work on improving the properties.

Historical Landmark

  A resolution directing the City Manager Jack Lewis to apply for local landmark designation for Black Hawk City Hall, 201 Selak Street was approved. As part of the approval the Historic Commission will consider and review the nomination during their next meeting.

Next Meeting

  The next regularly scheduled meeting for the Black Hawk City Council is Wednesday, February 25th at 3:00 p.m. in the Council chambers located upstairs at 211 Church Street, Black Hawk.

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