Sanitas Taco Fest

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Featuring lucha libre

by Dave Gibson

Literally translated as “free fight,” lucha libre (Mexican wrestling) traces its origins to the nineteenth century. The formation of the Empresa Mexicana de Lucha Libre (Mexican Wrestling Enterprise) in 1933 by Salvador Lutteroth gave professional wrestling a firm foundation. Nine years later, a silver-masked luchador (wrestler) by the name of El Santo (The Saint) made his debut in Mexico City winning an eight-man battle royal and the hearts of fans. Intrigued by the mystery of the man behind the mask, his career would span nearly five decades while becoming a folk hero that represented justice for everyday people. When television arrived on the scene in the 1950s, matches were broadcast nationwide and the popularity of Mexican wrestling exploded

Only occasionally seen in the United States, lucha libre was the featured attraction at Sanitas Brewery’s Taco Fest in Boulder, July 21st. From Acapulco to Tijuana, it is common knowledge that nothing goes better with Mexican wrestling than tacos and beer. The gourmet tacos served by McDevitt Taco Supply were absolutely delectable and not anything like those found at Taco Bell. Thai ginger tilapia tacos, honey chili shrimp tacos, slow-roasted pork with pineapple tacos, garlic black pepper steak tacos, buffalo chicken with blue cheese tacos, chipotle peach tacos, pork n’ cactus tacos, and thunder tacos that should only be eaten by intrepid connoisseurs accustomed to the heat were just some of the offerings. Craft beers made especially for the occasion by Sanitas Brewery were equally exotic with names like Blueberry Sage Saison, Rosé Sour Wheat, Banana Bread Brown, Purple Smuggler, and Grilled Pineapple Mountain Ale. Bands entertained between and after the five scheduled wrestling matches. For the kids there was a bounce house, piñatas, and homemade popsicles.

It wasn’t hard to discern which luchador would win each contest – the “bad guy” was often dressed in black. When Cormac Battle entered the arena he solicited his open hand for high fives with onlookers as he circled the ring only to withdraw his hand from theirs at the last moment. Boos and hisses rained down. Backbreakers, neck breakers, face busters, brain busters, choke slams, pile drivers, and flying elbow slams from the top turnbuckle were all part of the act. The storyline was predictable as the “good guy” would take a beating in the beginning then rally to save the day. At one point, the designated villain was whipped into submission with his own belt! In what is now a time-honored classic, a folding chair was cracked across an opponent’s back. An out of the ordinary afternoon on all other accounts, everyone had a great time and good triumphed over evil once again.

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