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Free CSU Extension Classes

By Jaclyn Morrow

If you took a second, I am pretty sure you could think of someone who was saved with CPR. I think of my dad. Our family had a cabin in Aspen Springs for four years when he had a heart attack while talking to his boss on the phone, preparing for a transfer. A police officer, just walking by, saw him hang up the phone and fall to the floor. The CPR that the officer provided for my dad and the trip to the hospital allowed my dad to come back to our cabin for nine more years. We all could have missed him if someone had not provided CPR. I was a newlywed at the time, so my husband and I came from another state and covered the business transfer for him for six weeks while he recovered and was able to take over after all.

Living in these parts, and traveling most anywhere, we all have a good chance of helping a neighbor, a family member, friend or even a stranger, in their time of need. We are best prepared when we keep our CPR and first aid training current with the latest equipment and techniques.

Coming soon are two very important free classes for our mountain residents – be prepared for everything!

FREE CPR and first aid class June 3 from 12:30 – 4:00 pm at the Gilpin Rec Center. You will earn a certificate at the end of the class, and the class will teach you how to use the defibrillators which will be placed at many county buildings. If you work with children, seniors, or spend time outdoors, this class is a must-do. Registration is required by calling 303-582-9106; there is a minimum number of six people needed to make the class go.

Preventing home ignitions in a wildfire. FREE – June 17th 9-11 am at the Gilpin Rec Center. Defensible space does not end with cutting down the trees immediately surrounding your house. New science shows that your house can burn down from embers igniting the structure in unexpected ways. This class will demonstrate free and low-cost retrofits to make your home more able to withstand a fire – this is a critical class for all of us mountain residents! RSVPs appreciated by calling 303-582-9106.

Most of us know of at least one family whose home was ignited and lost in the Cold Springs fire, July 2016. So many homes are caught on fire without the flames actually reaching them. Damage from the heat to everything in the area was very evident. We are all aware of the dangers of living in a forest. Now we have a free opportunity to use wise strategies to protect ourselves from this very real danger.

Thanks, Gilpin’s CSU Extension Service, see you at the classes.

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