Sheriff’s Office reaches milestone

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Gilpin County Internet Investigations Unit

PRESS RELEASE – On August 13th, 2013, the Gilpin County Internet Investigations Unit reached a milestone by making their 200th arrest since beginning operation in June of 2009. The latest arrest of a 33 year old Texas man began when he contacted undercover investigators who were posing as underage females on August 11th of this year. The predator then traveled from Amarillo, TX to Colorado with the intention of meeting the underage child, which turned out to be an undercover investigator. While the unit was excited to reach 200 arrests, their excitement was short lived when investigators discovered over 130 pornographic videos of children as young as 3 years old during a search of his cell phone. “They’re becoming more bold and don’t seem concerned at all about where the child lives, their ages, or that there’s a chance it could be an undercover investigator,” said Sgt. Troy Hendricks of the Gilpin County Sheriff’s Office.

In the last two months, Gilpin County Investigators have investigated and arrested two individuals living in Canada, a reverend in Maine, a retired 68 year old in Alabama, and their latest arrest out of Amarillo, TX. “In each of these last cases we identified additional real children that were victimized by these individuals,” said Hendricks.

Investigators only expect the number of arrests to continuously climb with the introduction of newer cell phone app’s and chat-rooms, that allow child predators unlimited access to children.

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