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30 years ago – June 20, 1986

View from the Casey by Esther Campbell: Last evening when I went up the hill behind my house to check the cavity nesting boxes, I found a tragedy. The pole on which the box hung, belonging to a pair of tree swallows, had rotted at the ground level, and the whole apparatus was down. Examination of the box revealed an almost complete nest with a few feathers in place (tree swallows line the cup of their nest with feathers). There were no eggs. “Oh, what to do?” The pole and box were very heavy, so I decided to tackle the problem in the morning. Very early, with the aid of shovel, rocks, and cement, I was able to anchor the pole in a new location. What a joy to quickly see the pair of tree swallows glide in to land on the new nesting box location. Shortly, I watched them mating, so thankfully, I know there will be another family of tree swallows in my back yard this year.

Viola Laird, longtime resident of Central City, celebrated her birthday on June 3, at the Christopher House Nursing Home in Denver, where she now resides. Many guests attended the party, three of which were students of Laird’s when she taught school in Russell Gulch. One guest in particular was a special treat for Laird, her lifelong friend, Lillie John. Laird and John grew up in Central City together. The gala affair was enjoyed by everyone who attended the party, especially Laird.

Kim Ruf is proud to announce the birth of her son, Steven Alexander. He was born June 16, 1986, at 12:13 p.m. in St. Joseph Hospital in Denver. Steven Alexander weighed six pounds at birth and was 18 inches in length. He has one older brother, Zachary, who is 12 years old.

Marion E. Karns, a resident of Black Hawk for the last two years, was killed in a car accident on May 9, 1986. She was 28 years old. She was born in Los Angeles, California, on May 31, 1957 and grew up in Claremont, California. She previously worked for the Teller House in Central City. She is survived by her husband, Charles (Skip) Karns and her two year old son, Charlie, of Black Hawk; her mother, Athena Busik of California; her three sisters, Taya Busik of Black Hawk, Jana Helgeson and Diane Busik, both of California; two brothers, Chris Busik of Washington and Jay Busik of California. Services were held in Claremont, California, on May 18.

60 years ago – June 22, 1956

Across the Crossroads by A.F. Mayham: Through the underground channel there has been considerate talk, some ancient and some of a latter day, about relaying tracks of the C. & S. from Idaho Springs to Georgetown, and using the narrow gauge in summer for tourist attraction. The widening of Hwy 6 and Hwy 40 will probably do away with that portion within the city limits of Idaho Springs as the new road would take some of the old railroad bed. Another idea promulgated was to have a terminus at Lawson with a Y on which to turn around, and no doubt as many passengers would be available, as the thrill of the ride would be the attraction. Diesels rigged to represent the steam engine type would be used for motive power. Texas money seems to be behind the scheme.

A unique, but most generous gesture has been inaugurated by Clyde Dunahay and several business men wherein the parking lot owned and operated by Dunahay will be open for free parking to all visitors and tourists until Saturday, June 30th. As a further example of this generous offer, the insurance on all cars parked will be paid by the owner, and attendants will park the cars without any charge. The reason for this token of courtesy is that of promoting more congenial feelings between the visitors and the businessmen and their establishments. Even now, early in the summer, parking is being quite a problem and many complaints have been received relative to parking facilities, especially visitors who want to spend only a little time in the city.

The State Highway Department equipment has finished oiling the road from Lawrence Street up Spring Street to the intersection with Nevada Street. A generous amount of oil has been placed on this road and should last for several years. However, the street east from Main, alongside the Quiller grocery store is decidedly in need of improvement, which the City of Central promises to be improved within the next week. White lines have been painted by the State department in the center of the street from Nevada Street through Main and up Eureka to the foundry.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Champion were up from Denver Thursday, visiting her brother, Charles Thomas.

Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Leach have been at their cottage in Chase Gulch for the past week building a new lawn, etc.

A wedding of interest was that of Gene Peterson, son of Mr. and Mrs. M.K. Peterson, of Smith Hill, and Marian Rose Dummel, of Loveland. The wedding was held June 20th at the Christian Church in Loveland. Gene is a student at the A. & M. College at Fort Collins and the newlyweds will make their home in Lakewood.

90 years ago – June 25, 1926

“Lightnin’“ a special all-star picture in eight reels and a Fox News reel will be the program at the Opera House Saturday evening, use 26th.

The Rollinsville baseball club gave the East Portal team a severe drubbing on Sunday last, to the tune of 24 to 14.

Sixty years ago, not a dandelion plant was to be seen about Georgetown. A friend of Mrs. A.F. Cuatis sent her some dandelion seed from the east. Today there is no crop more prolific than the must abused dandelion.

How to Make Italian Cheese: Take one pound of veal, one and a half pounds of calf’s liver, one half pound of ham, one small onion, half a teaspoonful of sage, two tablespoons of chopped parsley, one fourth of a box of gelatin, two teaspoons of salt, one fourth of a teaspoon of black pepper, and a dash of cayenne. Chop all the meat fine, add seasonings and grated onion. Take a mold, press the meat into the mold and steam three hours. Remove the cover, pour off the broth, add in the elate which has been soaking in a little cold water, mix well and chill.

Word was received here on Tuesday that Mrs. Niccum’s father had died that day at his home in Kansas. Mrs. Niccum left here a couple of weeks ago for the old home, summoned by the serious illness of her father.

120 years ago – June 19, 1896

Sheriff Nicholls left on Wednesday afternoon’s train for the insane asylum at Pueblo, having in charge John Oates of Nevadaville, who was brought to Central on Saturday last and placed in the building back of the jail for safekeeping. Mr. Oates has been a resident of Nevadaville for many years and for the past week has been acting very strangely, and it was through best to take him in charge before anyone suffered from his hands. He broke up everything in his cell, tore all the clothes from his person and was getting worse every day. On Tuesday he was taken before Judge Hicks for examination, and the jury pronounced him insane. Some fifteen years ago he was an inmate of an asylum in England, but had recovered his reason, and while acting queer at times, his case was not considered as needing attention until the past week. He is now about 60 years of age and has several children married and living in Nevadaville.

The Register-Call endorses in every particular the utterances and actions of Senator Teller and his followers, and the people of Colorado and the entire west will stand as a unit with him. This paper will not support the nominees of the Republican National Convention, nor of any other convention, whose financial plank in its platform endorses and endeavors to force a single standard upon this country. We may not be as large or influential as many of the eastern press, but knowing that the silver cause is a just one, we are not afraid to advocate its merits and work for its access, regardless of politics.

William Roach went to Denver on Sunday returning on Monday. He said he was glad to get back again, as it was too hot to be comfortable in Denver.

Miss Nellie R. Day left Tuesday morning for Omaha, Peoria, Pittsburg, and other eastern points, visiting her relations during school vacation. According to the weather bureau reports she will certainly have a warm reception.

Born: In Nevadaville, June 18th, 1896, to the wife of W.J. Richards, a daughter.

Born: In Central City, June 18th, 1896, to the wife of James Holck, a daughter. The happy father is setting up the cigars to his friends on the arrival of this “new woman.”

Born: In Central City, June 16th, 1896, to the wife of L.P. Parenteau, a daughter.

Married: In Black Hawk, at the home of the bride, June 18th, 1896, at 1 o’clock p.m., Rev J.W. Linn of Central City officiating, Osgood I. Blake to Miss Bessie Isaacks, both of Black Hawk. Mr. and Mrs. Blake left on the afternoon train for Denver, where they will spend their honeymoon. Both parties have a host of friends in Gilpin County, who will unite with the Register-Call in wishing them many years of happiness.

Married: At the Church of the Assumption, Central City, June 17th, 1896, Father Raber officiating, M.J. Reilly to Miss Ada McKibben, both of Nevadaville.

146 years ago – June 20, 1869

From the Weekly Central City Register: The Casey road has become a favorite resort for evening promenades and last evening it was thronged with the beauty and elite of Central. Those who were there early had an opportunity for viewing one of the most beautiful cloud scenes that it has ever been our good fortune to behold. Over the plains at the base of the mountains hung one of those beautiful fiery white clouds peculiar of this region. The top was brilliantly lighted up by the departing rays of the setting sun, leading to it brilliant crimson and gold tents, while the middle portion retained its pure snowy white, and the lower portion being very dark and lowering, was ever and anon lighted up by flashes of vivid lightning darting zigzag through it, the whole forming a picture at once grand and gorgeously beautiful, which will long be remembered by all who were so fortunate as to get a view of it.

The burglars who entered Mr. Hahn’s residence on Sunday and relived it of diverse and sundry articles of jewelry, plate, etc., have been captured and lodged in jail. They went to Nevada, got drunk, and offered the most valuable set of jewelry for five dollars, which aroused suspicious. Information was given to the officers and the parties taken into custody. All the property was recovered except the cake and wine, and it is suggested that a stomach pump be applied for that.

Harley B. Mares, Esq., is demolishing the old rattle trap east of the Connor House, and will erect a fine two story building on the site thereof. It is to be hoped that the work of destruction will go on until both sides of Main Street shall be filled with substantial brick edifices. The old shells that have so long disgraced it, fulfilled their mission long ago, and as most of those who hold them are able to build better ones we hope to see it done at an early date.

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