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30 years ago – July 12, 1985

Voters in Black Hawk and Central City want cable television. By a vote of 66 to 9 at an election Tuesday, they approved the granting of a permit to Stagecoach Cable TV to provide cable service. The company asked that an election be held. Without one, there was the fear of lawsuits, according to Stagecoach spokesman Jim Lewis. Stagecoach is paying the costs of the election. In Black Hawk, the vote was 32 to 5 in honor of the proposal. Almost 160 people are registered to vote in the city. In Central City, the vote was 34 to 4 in honor of granting the permit. Around 300 people are registered to vote in Central, but many of those have moved out of the city.

The Central City Council, on July 3, empowered Mayor William C. Russell Jr. to sign a quitclaim deed for a portion of blocks four and eight on Church Street to the Gilpin County RE-1 School District. According to city clerk/administrator Jack Hidahl, a deed for the property was given to the school district in 1904. The title company handing over the title arrangements for the sale of Clark School to Gilpin County requested the quitclaim deed before title insurance could be issued. The deed was signed by Russell this week. Aldermen Rand Anderson, J.D. Carelli, Flo Farringer and Bruce Schmalz were in attendance for the meeting. Russell did not attend.

To the Editor: As you have read, recently we’ve had several burglaries in our county. Most are happening in the daytime and in different areas, most recently in the Apex area. It is very difficult to charge a person without substantial evidence. Therefore, we are asking for your help. Please get involved in the “Neighborhood Watch and the Operation I.D. programs.” We will be happy to explain these programs to you. Due to manpower, we need your help with reporting any suspicious people and/or vehicles in your area. Record the vehicle plate numbers, when possible. We are out patrolling more than you realize or know about; but we can’t be everywhere at the same time. The population has grown tremendously, but we still have the same amount of deputies we had when the population wasn’t high. As long as there are people and our county keeps growing, we will continue to have crimes. Hopefully with your help we can apprehend more suspects and can solve more crimes than we already have. Thank you for your assistance. Signed, Rosetta Anderle, Sheriff.

Sandra and George Hill of Tucson, Arizona, have announced the birth of their daughter, Chelsea Rene. She was born on the Fourth of July, 1985. She weighed nine pounds three ounces and measured 21 inches in length. Chelsea Rene has two brothers, Matthew and Lucas. Maternal grandparents are Bill and Dolores Spellman of Black Hawk. Paternal grandparents are George and June Hill of St. David, Arizona. The baby has four great-grandmothers: Ruth Blake of Black Hawk; Welcome Spellman of Manhattan, Kansas; Anna Hill of St. David, Arizona; and Dorothy Smith of Porterville, California.

60 years ago – July 15, 1955

  The Range Riders have started on their annual trek through the mountains, and it is expected that some two hundred members and horses will be in Central City shortly after noon on Saturday. This is always a gala event, and it is quite a sight to see the horses tied to a rope extending from the upper end of the Opera House to the intersection of Main and Eureka Streets. They are mostly thoroughbreds with palominos predominating. After staying here for the afternoon and night, they will ride to Estes Park, with a stop between. This club is composed of businessmen and very few have thrown their legs over a saddle since their last ride, so I am sure that many when they return to their homes will eat their lunches and dinners in an upright position. However, it is a great spectacle to view these riders and their horses and their visit here always attracts all the tourists and visitors, as well as the local people.

Unheralded by all the trumpets of the sky, E. Pluvious poured down thousands of tons of water on Central City, Monday afternoon, causing havoc, inconvenience, cussing and dirty looks at the God of the Weather for this uncalled for deluge. It was small compared to what was experienced here in 1911 and 1922, but did plenty of damage during the short duration. The storm started out with an abundance of hail at about 3 o’clock in the afternoon, changing rapidly to sheets of rain, which filled the streets, gutters and culverts over their capacity thus causing them to block with debris and generally causing a helluva condition.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Thomas, of Boulder were here Sunday to spend the day. Fred was the capable and versatile writer of the “Rumor Groomer” which appeared in these columns and which was avidly read by our thousands of subscribers, but when he moved to Boulder, this column was most conspicuous by its absence, and we still wish he would again exercise his talents of philosophy and vision and again become a staff writer of this paper.

Paul Shearer, son of the late Dr. Shearer, who was the only feminine Doctor ever in Central City some five or six years ago, was called to Fort Collins, Friday, by the death of his grandmother.

Mr. Edwin Rule, of Los Animas, Colorado, was here the first of the week visiting old friends and generally giving Central City, where he was born, the once over. He noticed many changes.

Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Gray entertained Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Gray at Ye Olde Fashioned Eating House Wednesday evening at dinner. I really don’t know what it is all about, so ask either Maxine or Morgan for particulars.

At a special meeting this Friday morning of the Board of County Commissioners, Mrs. Edith Carter was appointed County Superintendent of Schools, taking the place of Mrs. Nora Scott, who has tendered her resignation. The appointment of a Welfare Director was held over until the next regular meeting of the Commissioners as Mrs. Hollerin, the present Director, will retire September 1.

Says He: I always wondered where all the Smiths came from until I visited this city. Says His Friend: Then what happened? Says He: I saw a big sign, “Smith Manufacturing Company.”

90 years ago – July 17, 1925

  Plato is now said to have been one of the first to espouse prohibition. Anyone who ever read Plato knows he was dry.

Mr. O.L. Patterson, manager and superintendent of the Gilpin-Eureka Mines in this city, received a gold retort from the Buell Mill last week which weighed 58 ounces, the returns from 17 cords of mill ore crushed last month. The ore came from drifts on both sides of the shaft from the bottom level in the mine and with the tailings that will be shipped later to the smelter; the returns should equal at least 5 ounces to the cord. A small force of men is working at the present time with good prospects of an increase in number in the near future.

Wilfred Fritz and wife, accompanied by Mrs. George E. Fritz, who has been visiting here for several weeks, left by auto to Denver on Saturday.

Mr. Guy Brubaker, son of George Brubaker, who in the early 70’s operated the Bull’s Head Coral below the depot, spent a couple of days here visiting the old home and scenes of other days.

Misses Phyllis McCallister and Mrs. Kruse, two former Central City young ladies, accompanied by two girlfriends, the Misses Gertrude Ferguson and Jane Graham are spending a week here visiting with Mrs. Reseigh. They expect to return to their homes in Denver on Sunday.

Harry Armfield and wife left Tuesday for Denver, where Mr. Armfield is to undergo an operation at one of the hospitals there.

Mrs. Stearns returned Tuesday from a visit of several days spent with relatives and friends in the valley.

Mr. and Mrs. Everett McCoy and daughter arrived from Denver Saturday evening and spent Sunday with her mother and brother, returning on Sunday evening.

Born: In Black Hawk, July 15, 1925, to the wife of Arthur Mitchell, a son.

Died: At St. Anthony’s Hospital, Denver, Colorado, July 10, 1925, Edwin Bone, of Rollinsville, aged over 70 years. Mr. Bone had resided in the northern section of the county for nearly 40 years, where he was engaged in mining, prospecting and work of a general character, and was well known throughout that district. Last Wednesday he appeared before the Board of County Commissioners and asked help to be sent to the Denver hospital which was granted and he was taken down that day, and died on the Friday following. He is survived by a sister, Mrs. John H. Nissen, of Oakland, California. The remains of Mr. Bone were buried in Denver on Monday last, his sister not being able to attend the funeral.

120 years ago – July 12, 1895

A $3.00 reward will be paid for information that will lead to the arrest of the person or persons who are in the habit of throwing stones or sticks at the cattle at Ed Hughes’ slaughter house on Dory Hill Road, and said parties will be dealt with, if caught, according to law. Signed, Thomas Hooper, Sheriff.

Tuesday steam was raised on the Buell Mine and the task of unwatering the main shaft was commenced. Two large sized water buckets will be used until such time as the pump can be properly put in shape and lowered.

The West Justice Mine, Lake District, has been re-organized. New officers have been elected as follows: president, W.S. Atkins; vice-president and treasurer, Harry C. James; secretary, J. S. Berkey. The property at present is being worked under the tribute system by Dalsasso & Co., all of whom are practical miners.

Mr. Grenfell, agent of the Union Pacific, Denver & Gulf Railway Company at Black Hawk, informs the Register-Call that there were shipped during the month of June from the station in that place to the valley smelters and concentration works 184 cars of ore and mill concentrates. This shipment is quite an increase over that of June 1894.

Mr. Jacob Mack of the Milwaukee brewery, Denver, came up on Sunday morning’s train accompanied by his wife and son. After dining with Mr. and Mrs. Martin Mack, they returned on the afternoon train.

Captain S. Fullerton of Minneapolis, Minnesota, is in the city visiting his son Mr. W. C. Fullerton. The captain is an aged gentleman. Having heard and read so much of Colorado and the Golden Queen he took a notion of visiting this vicinity and enjoying a reunion with his son, whom he had not seen for a number of years. He will remain here through the hot season.

Mrs. H. J. Hawley returned to Denver Saturday evening after a three days’ sojourn here in renewing acquaintanceship. Mr. Hawley accompanied her, returning Sunday evening.

Miss Keppler, the photographer, returned from Denver Wednesday evening, where she was in attendance at the convention of the National Education Association.

Mr. John Trathen of Idaho Springs, while here last week, embraced the opportunity of joining the Salvation Army. The new convert, while engaged in the undertaking business, is very decidedly of the opinion that his last “undertaking” will prove the best of all in a spiritualistic manner.

Married: At the St. James M.E. church, Central City, July 6, 1895, Mr. Thomas Barkle to Miss Susan Osborne, both of this city. No cards.

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