Woods, Words, and Images

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gallery_BeckyLucas&LouieGarramoneIt’s a family affair for new exhibit in Central City

By David Josselyn

A new art exhibit opened on March 7, 2106, in the Visitors Center Gallery titled Woods, Words, and Images. Deviating a bit from prior exhibits, this one features both the poetry and imagery of two artists in concert with each other. Becky Lucas and Louis Garramone spent some time together hiking, snowshoeing, and traveling through some of the most beautiful parts of the country. They are both photographers and poets and their partnership proved to be an artist’s dream. When one was inspired by a breathtaking scene and used their camera to capture the moment, the other was equally inspired in the written word capturing the emotions, scents, and thoughts of that moment. The exhibit features the poetry side by side with the picture that inspired it. The pictures range from the Colorado Mountains to the Pacific Northwest redwood forests. The words of the poems make it clear there is harmony and unity between the two artists.

The exhibit also features woodwork by Becky’s father, John Lucas, and photography by Becky’s daughter Jiselle Osteboe. A good friend of Becky’s, Sarah Swanson, is displaying her gemstone jewelry. Taken as a whole, it feels like a family affair.

Becky Lucas was taught photography at a young age by her aunt and although she enjoyed it a great deal, it was not until she moved to Colorado in 2010 that she began to study photography to develop her skill as a professional artist. It was the “intense love of the outdoors” that heightened her interest and kept her out on the trails of Colorado.

Louie (Louis) Garramone is a self-proclaimed believer in Hobbits, Hogwarts, and Narnia, who grew up in Golden, Colorado. With an English teacher for a mother, he started creative writing at an early age, but it wasn’t until college that he discovered his passion for photography. The combination of writing and photography are a passion that has become a raging fire inside him. Louie has a husky named Denali that he spends all his outdoor time with and there is no place he would rather be than in the great outdoors with Denali.

Louie contacted Becky for an interview for his blog after seeing some of her pictures and he soon discovered that they were like two peas in a pod regarding their love of the outdoors, photography, and writing. Thus their adventure began and the result can be seen in the Central City gallery.

The Woods, Words, and Images exhibit will be on display through May 1.

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